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India is rapidly changing towards Digitalization and Investing in Asstets like Gold has become easier

The first crucial step to understand is that buying digital gold is the same experience as buying gold in person. It's simply an innovative, safe, and convenient method for investors to buy gold using different applications. You might know that gold is an integral part of our Indian tradition. Whether it's a wedding, family gathering, or even a celebration such as Diwali, gold is proven to be an ideal gift choice.

if you're not yet able to purchase or sell "digital gold" through a platform such as SayF and others, you don't have to be concerned, as we will let you know about the execution process in detail here.

In contrast to physical purchases of gold, in which you need to pay a particular amount of money, digital gold investment options are available at a cost as low as Rs1. It comes with 100% assurance of the quality of gold.

Cons of Buying Physical Gold Over Digital Gold

There are certain cons of going with the traditional way of buying gold; a few of them are as mentioned below:

  • You need to have a sound amount of money with you to buy jewelry, gold coin, or bar.
  • Safety assurance is one of the major problems that one face while buying gold in its physical form
  • Quality issue: You can't be 100% sure about the quality of god you bought, and it additionally comes with extra charges that include taxes and making of jewelry and the market rates also varies from one state to other

Advantages of Investing in Digital Gold: How it Solve all these Problems?

The new digital gold option provided by online platforms such as SayF has solved these problems and put gold within everybody's access. You can buy digital gold in a matter of minutes by following the steps below:

  • Get the most recent gold prices on the SayF app, which allows you to purchase gold digitally.
  • Purchase gold at any price beginning at INR 1 and in multiples of that.
  • The gold equivalent to the amount that you spend for digital gold is bought by you and then kept in secure vaults (just the way you store the gold you have in your locker at the bank that too without any additional storage fees)
  • Any time you want to have gold in physical form, it will be delivered securely to your home address.
  • You can sell your gold digitally at current market prices at any time you want

Trading in Digital Gold:

The first step is to visit websites that provide digital gold investment options like SayF; once you visit the website, follow the steps as mentioned below:

  1.  Enter a value in grams or INR - Gold can be purchased for a certain amount or buy it in weights at the current market price.
  2. Select the payment method you prefer- After you have completed the KYC process, you'll have various payment options to select from, such as cards, accounts, or wallets.
  3. Place your gold in a safe vault-Your account is updated immediately and accessible anytime.
  4. Sell anytime- You can sell your precious metal electronically itself to the platform any time you'd like.
  5. Get physical delivery of your gold- If you decide not to offer the gold for sale, then you may ask for a delivery to your doorstep for your gold, either in bullion or coins. Be aware that delivery charges are applicable.

Advantages of Buying Digital Gold

  • You can initially start with the minimum amount of Rs1.
  • Digital Gold can be used as collateral for online loans.
  • Digital Gold is genuine, and its purity is 99.5 percent to SafeGold and 999.9 in the case of MMTC PAMP purchases.
  • Your purchase is safe completely.
  • One can exchange digital gold for physical jewelry, bullion, or gold coins.
  • No additional storage cost.
  • You can get market prices in real-time whenever you sell or buy digital gold.
  • High Liquidity: You can buy it or sell it anytime.


Digital gold is a brand new investment tool that lets investors purchase 24 Karat pure gold. The safe vaults store this gold by authorized sellers. If you want the gold in physical form, you can exchange digital gold to purchase 24 Karat 999.9 pure gold from MMTC-PAMP, Safegold, and more. You can buy digital gold online with trusted third-party applications like SayF easily.

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