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Is Digital Gold The Most Trending Investment? People have always chosen to invest in gold as a reliable investment option. The millennials nowadays have been heavily influenced by technology. Digital Gold is gaining popularity among millennials as a suitable investment option. The millennials seem excited about the new digital storage-proof, risk-free investment option. The pandemic triggered a global financial crisis that influenced the youth towards investment.

Digital Gold is a combination of both technology and investments. Gold has consistently performed in an age where investments in stocks, bonds, and more are subject to market risk. Millennials considered Gold their first investment option. However, the risks of theft and burglary made it challenging to store the yellow metal. Digital Gold is Taking Over Investment Market Due to metal scarcity, gold has been an excellent hedge against unpredicted markets. In recent months, gold prices have been steadily rising. Now, the cost of gold is on the rise, and digital gold is a safe investment that protects you from market risks. What Does Digital Gold Refer? For those who are looking to invest solely in gold, digital gold is a viable option. Digital gold is attractive to investors who invest in short-term funds and provides passive income. While most people still prefer yellow metal in its physical form, digital gold is gaining popularity post-Covid-19. You can hold digital gold in virtual form, but it is similar to physical gold. You will be issued a certificate of ownership by the entities that sell it. They keep equivalent gold in a vault, and the owner can access it any time of the day. Why is Digital Gold Investment Trending? Gold investment is Trending, and here are a few reasons behind it !!!

Unlike physical gold, which concerns impurities for making jewelry, digital gold is 24 Karat.

It is easier to sell and buy digital gold online because the prices of digital gold are the same across the country.

Digital Gold is cheaper than other forms of gold. Except for the one-time 3% GST, there are no annual recurring charges.

Digital Gold also allows you to start investing as low as ₹1, making it easy to save money and make an investment.

Physical Gold Versus Digital Gold: Which One is Better? Here we are providing the detailed and complete list for the comparison of digital gold and physical gold:

Parameters Physical Gold Digital Gold

Cost Making charges 20-30% of gold 3% GST

Investment Need Large/Sound amount You can start investing with the minimum value of ₹1

Purity Unsure Condition 24 k & 100% Pure

Prices It varies depending on geographical region Remains same globally

Storage Extra expense to keep safe in the locker or high risk of theft when kept at home Secured Vault

Online Gold transactions are not new. They are only becoming more popular, but they are still relatively new in India. Augmont, SafeGold, and MMTC-PAMP India Pvt Ltd offer apps that enable smartphone users to purchase, sell, or keep gold.

Gold-based financial products such as Gold Accumulation Plan (GAPs) allow customers to purchase and keep gold in fractions of 0.1 grams. It would be too costly to exchange physically due to the handling costs.

Digital Gold is, in simple terms, a new way to buy gold online. It's available 24/7, seven days a week. You can access, buy, redeem, and sell digital gold from your office, home, or anywhere else you choose.


Investors can order physical gold delivered to their homes by simply clicking a button on an app. There is no minimum purchase limit for digital gold. The investor can start as low as ₹1. Pros of Digital Gold Over Physical Gold Digital gold is easily accessible at any hour of the day. It is highly liquid and can be purchased and sold at any hour of the day at a market rate. The gold can be used as collateral for loans and is a good hedge against inflation. The gold rate has been rising for the past 92 years. Gold is culturally significant in India and has intrinsic value as it provides excellent returns.

SayF is a daily Gold saving app that allows you to save a little money every time you shop online.

Conclusion One can go for Digital gold if the sole purpose of buying gold is an investment. Digital gold is not subject to regulation under SEBI and can only be held for a maximum of five years. These cases allow one to choose other digital investments such as sovereign gold bonds or gold ETFs Exchange Traded Funds (mutual money). However, one can go for physical gold if they use it for consumption in any form, but it is not recommended for investment purposes.

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