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All You Need to Know about Gold Investment Recently, a market has emerged from the shadows of the internet "digital gold market." It's safe and secure, and that's how you can invest in it.From time immemorial, we Indians have been fascinated and worshipped gold as a valuable form of currency. Now is the time to revive it through digital platforms. ‍ Religions have innumerable differences, but one thing that keeps them alike is the value of gold perceived. India has a diverse community, and it harbors different ethnicities and religions. As a result, India has been an important country that imports gold. ‍ Digital Gold, however, was not that popular in India due to stigma related to internet security and services. Still, this Covid-19 pandemic has provided an opportunity to test digital platforms and remove the hesitance of Indians in using digital payments. ‍ Therefore, ‍people have started buying gold digitally to avoid reaching shops physically. It keeps them secure from the pandemic and still profits by purchasing gold.

However, this gold is not created out of thin air and is delivered at the buyer's address physically if demanded by the buyer. A few reasons why investing in gold is not an opportunity you want to miss out on. ‍ Investment Need Not be of Massive Amounts ‍ You can start a Gold investment from literally Rs. 1, making it an easy process and available for almost everyone. Due to the nature of the investment, one can choose the amount they feel safe at and scale it up slowly as their interest grows. ‍ Security Issue, Resolved ‍ When you buy gold from a jewellery shop, you have to worry about its physical existence, like where to keep it safe, transport it, and many other issues depending on person to person. ‍ When buying digitally, your gold can exist like an email that doesn't bother you, but this email will keep growing in value, making you more prosperous every day! ‍ As a physical form, you will be informed about a vault where your gold in a physical form will be kept safe, and it will just not be your headache. ‍ No Time Limitation‍ ‍It will be a simple give and take transaction as a currency. There will not be any limit on when you want to withdraw or make a deposit. An amount equal to the amount of gold will be credited or debited depending on withdrawal or deposit. ‍ When you buy gold from a jewellery shop, for example, you will have to hold that gold for some years before you can sell it again. This restriction does not exist on digital platforms. ‍ Transparency‍ ‍ Trading is only done in 24 Karat Gold as pure as fire. With the elimination of processing fees, this process becomes easy and reliable. However, a fee of 3% is charged, but that's GST. You will be paying this fee even when buying offline at a jewellery shop. ‍ Dealing in Purity ‍ 24 Karat Gold is deposited and safeguarded under your name every time you ‍buy gold. This gold will be in one of the banks, Augmont, MMTC PAMP, and SafeGold. There is no compromise with the safety of the gold. The buyer has not to worry about the physical form of the gold and has to focus on trading. ‍‍Every Gold material deposited in your name (coin or bar) is verified by professionals and is 99.99% pure 24 Karat Gold. ‍ Delivery, Yes Sir! ‍ This process of investing is so convenient that you can demand your gold to be delivered at home, and yes, it will be with no delivery fee. ‍ Interchange with Jewellery‍ ‍ Therefore, this digital gold will be in its purest form and will be accepted by Jewellery partners like Tanishq, CaratLane, Candere by Kalyan. ‍ Gifting is Available‍ ‍ With the option of gifting, you can gift the gold to your loved ones and not give any fees in the process since the transaction will be online. When gifting gold from jewellery shops, you'll have to worry about the authenticity, the safety of the gold, plus there will be fewer chances of reliability of that gold. ‍ With us, you can easily give gold with a few clicks on the computer. ‍ Taxes on Digital Gold Taxation on digital gold entirely depends on its holding period. If you hold digital gold for a period of <<36 months, then capital gains on the gold are not taxable. In the long-term holding period, the investor will be charged 20% on the capital gain along with a 4% surcharge on it.

‍ Conclusion Buying digital gold online is a simple and transparent process regarding the transaction and purity of the metal. Digital gold provides you with high liquidity options; you can buy or sell digital gold any time of the day. SayF is a trusted name in India that assists users with digital gold purchases and provides options like selling, gifting, certified 24 k gold in the vault, redeeming, and more.

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