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What is SayF App?

SayF is a personal savings app which helps you save while you spend, it assures you rewards on every purchase and automatically invests in Digital 24k Gold.

Is my data safe with SayF?

Yes. We ensure best security approaches for our app and payment channels. Your data security is our priority and make sure we use our best practices to secure it.

Is KYC mandatory to invest in gold on SayF?

No, KYC is not required to sign up, you can get started within 10seconds on the app.

KYC is only mandatory if your gold wallet exceeds gold worth more than ₹1,80,000 annually.

Is the SayF app safe to use?

The SayF app is safe and secure for your transactions, savings & Investments in Gold. It is powered by India's leading Gold Provider, Augmont, and all payments happen over the secure banking networks of PhonePe, Paytm and ICICI bank.

You will have complete control over your savings and finances for you to pause, re-start or withdraw funds or get Gold delivered easily with a click of a button.

Digital Gold
What is digital gold?

Digital gold is a virtual method of buying and investing in Gold without having to physically hold the gold. You can buy it through SayF 24 Karat Gold of 999 purity (99.9% pure), it provides safety and security and can be converted to physical gold with a click of a button. 

Is it safe to buy Digital Gold?

Yes, it is safe. For every purchase of Digital Gold you make, an equivalent weight of physical gold is deposited in an insured vault by our gold partner, Augmont Gold. This physical gold is held in the vault until you sell your Digital Gold.

Why is the buy and sell price different on the same day?

The buy and sell prices differ due to a 3% GST and costs such as bank charges, payment costs, technology costs, and hedging costs that Augmont undertakes.

How can I sell my gold on the SayF app?

You can sell your digital gold immediately at the selling price of gold at the time of transaction and money will be instantly withdrawn to your bank account.

Daily Savings
How to set up Daily Savings / Autopay?

On the app home screen, click on the 'Auto Savings’ button and set the amount you wish to invest daily. You can choose to invest from Rs. 10 to Rs. 500, which will be deducted daily from your bank account and invested in Digital Gold.

If you wish to edit your daily savings amount at some point, click on 'Auto Savings’ again and enter the new amount of your choice and save your choice.

Alternatively, if you are not able to find the autopay card on your home screen, follow these steps: Click on Your Profile → Settings → Daily Savings.

How to stop Daily Savings?

To stop Daily Savings, Head to your UPI App (PhonePe/Paytm)

Find the Mandate setting in the ☰ Menu and navigate to the mandate setting and turn off the Daily Auto Subscribe settings

Please note: To turn off the Daily Auto Subscribe you would need to put in the UPI Pin to de-authorize the payments for future.

Partner Stores
How to use the App for purchasing at a store? 

Our platform helps you save and earn gold on every spend at Swiggy, Amazon Flipkart and 150+ stores. 

You have to navigate to the Stores section of the app, search for your favorite stores and buy a Gift Card of the desired amount.

You have to use these Vouchers at the time of checkout on the platform. 

*In the case of offline in-store purchases, you have to share the gift card with the cashier. 
*In the case of Online, you will have an option to redeem it during the checkout.

Refunds on Purchases on Store

No, Cards once purchased cannot be refunded back.
In case of any problem faced during purchase or redemption of Gift Card has been delivered to you, contact us immediately in order to get the issue resolved. 

Any requests for refund have to be raised within 24 hours of transaction.

Partial usage of a gift card? 

It depends on the brand to brand basis. Please read brand specific terms and conditions.

Are there any terms and conditions involved?

The terms and conditions for each brand E-Gift Card can differ, so review the Terms and conditions and overall details before you choose a Gift Card. This will give you a very clear idea and help you with your decision.

Referral and Earn
How does this referral program work?

SayF “Refer your Friends and Earn” program is a unique referral program where you can invite your friends to the app where they can save on every transaction they make with SayF.

You get 1% of the amount your friend spends as a referral reward for a period defined in the referral section. 

What conditions must be met for me to earn the reward?

To claim referral rewards, the person you refer to SayF has to use your referral link/code at the time of signup and has to make a transaction with SayF partner stores on our platform. 

After a successful transaction with partner stores, you will get a referral reward.

Please note that a transaction made to purchase gold will not be considered as a transaction to earn referral rewards.

Where can I find my referral code/referral link?

You can find the referral code/link on the home screen of your app under refer and earn section. Alternatively, you can also navigate to “My Profile” and click on “Refer a Friend” to get your referral code and the link. 

What if a friend signs up but forgets to use my link or code?

You are eligible for referral rewards only after a successful usage of your referral code by a new user while signing up on the app.